Turkish Pop Cinema

Mondo Macabro USA have issued an excellent dvd with two Turkish movies from the completely gone pop era: Tarkan vs. The Vikings and The Deathless Devil. You’ll also find a documentary (25 min) telling you more about the Turkish pop phenomenon.

Expect lots of stolen soundtracks, awful acting and hilarious special effects (the sea monster in Tarkan is no match to the robot in Devil). “Tarkan” seems to have a plot (it’s based on a comic book), but “The Deathless Devil” just goes anyway (e.g. the fight scene that seems to be shot both indoors and outdoors and changes constantly from settings, all this tuned to sound effects sounding eerily the same whether a fist hits a face or a table).

I managed to find it for $15 online (eBay). It’s not money you’ll regret spending.

P.S. Now you know what I saw on Christmas night.


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