3 Dev Adam (Turkish Spiderman)

3 Dev Adam Terribly rare are movies which have not one, not two, but three superheroes. 3 Dev Adam has Captain America, Mexican superhero/wrestler Santo and Spiderman.Even rarer is that Spiderman is an evil guy in this movie and that Santo and Captain America have to stop him. And no, we’re not talking evil as in Spiderman 3 evil. 3 Dev Adam shows you Spiderman as the root of all evil: he’ll have a woman buried in sand to have her head crushed by a boat, he’ll attach a long tube to an opponent’s face so that evil mice can devour his head (you are kindly invited to ignore the fact that the mice look more like guinea pigs).

Yes, 3 Dev Adam is a superb piece of Turkish superhero trash (or Superhero Schlock, as we like to call it here on Delirium Vault) and thanks to Onar Films, it is now out on DVD.

3 Dev Adam had been floating on the internet for a long time. A seventh-generation bootleg without any subtitles was the only way to watch this rare piece of trash. Not that subtitles were strictly necessary, the plot was so wacky your mouth would fall open regardless of whether you could understand the dialogue or not.

The Onar Films release does offer you a choice of subtitles: Greek and English. Now whereas the English translation isn’t 100% perfect, it does help to see that someone tried to insert a plot into this mind-boggling madness. Okay, so the scriptwriter failed miserably and thanks to the subtitles you can enjoy that fact even more.

Another great reason to purchase the DVD are the interviews you can find on the extras. There’s an interview with the director Tevfik Fikret Ucak as well as interviews with two stars of the film: Aytekin Akkaya (who plays Captain America) and Dogan Tamer (who plays the police chief).
It is nice to hear the director talk about his career and if you keep watching the 36-minutes long interview you’ll even find out more about the movie (immortal questions such as: why is Spiderman bad in this movie? And could anyone please please please explain the climax of the movie?). Not that it’ll make any sense, but if you’ve sat through 3 Dev Adam you’re willing to accept any form of explanation, however devoid of any logic it’ll be.
Akkaya wasn’t just the star of this movie, but also Yor. In this interview he’ll explain how much he regrets he only speaks Turkish. He also tackles other issues during the interview (hey, it’s 43 minutes long), but those first seven minutes are priceless.
Dogan Tamer’s interview is mainly there to put 3 Dev Adam‘s place in Turkish cinema into perspective.

As for the looks of the movie… well, Onar Films specializes in rare movies and they can only work with what they get. Because Onar Films couldn’t track down a complete version of the movie, the DVD begins with the first 15 seconds of the film as found on a Greek VHS. Not only does it show how the movie should’ve started, but it also shows you how much work has been done to restore the movie as good as possible.
Which doesn’t mean it’s perfect: just before the scene with the guinea pig torture I’ve mentioned earlier the negative seems to jam and it’s a fairly disturbing sound when you’re watching the movie. But, all in all (and definitely if you compare it to the bootleg version), we’re glad to accept this minor disturbance. Especially since we’ve read how Onar Films creates their DVDs and that they have to outsource the treatments of the movie’s master, we can understand how this might’ve slipped their attention.

The other extras are a gallery of stills and artwork,biographies of the people involved in 3 Dev Adam and no less than five trailers of other Onar Films releases (including the two from the Turkish horror bill we’ve reviewed earlier).

All in all, this release (limited to 1200 editions) is so good it’s time to throw away your bootleg version and enjoy 3 Dev Adam in a much more satisfying version with plenty of extras. And if you don’t own the film, you should really consider adding this to your collection as this is the best example of Turkish superhero schlock.

3 Dev Adam can be purchased straight from Onar Films’s site and from Xploited Cinema.


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