Animated short by Regina Pessoa

Not entirely my cup of tea, but I noticed that it was on tv tonight and found it on YouTube.

Una Historia Tragica Com Final Feliz
a.k.a. “Tragic Story with Happy Ending”
R: Regina Pessoa
Portugal, 2005
animation without dialogue
7 minutes

This short story “received 3 prizes in Annecy “Espace Projects” 2001 and recently won 26 awards including: Spécial Jury Award Cinanima’05, the CNC’06 Quality Award, the Best Animation award at Granada’06, the Special Jury Award at Anifest Trebon’06, the Grand Prix at SICAF’06, the Grand Prix at Annecy’06, the Prize Best of Section at Melbourne ’06, Nominee for the Cartoon d’Or 2006 – Europe, The Special International Jury Prize Hiroshima’06, the Grand Prix at Mecal’06 and a prize at AniMadrid’06.”

Regina Pessoa: I lived in the countryside in a small village near Coimbra until I was 17 years old. My entire universe was rural. We didn’t have television, which was very boring…but in retrospect, thinking things over, maybe it saved me. We read and listen to our elders telling stories.

My uncle used to draw on the walls and on the doors of my grandmother’s home, with pieces of coal. Seeing my uncle drawing on the walls gave us a sense of freedom because we didn’t have paper and pencils but we always had walls and doors – maybe this stayed with me unconsciously because know, much later, it’s already the second film that I’m making in engraving technique…


One thought on “Animated short by Regina Pessoa

  1. d June 22, 2008 / 06:47

    Not your thing? How come 🙂

    I love this stuff, that fairy tale vibe crossed with animation always tweaks my interest. I may post this on the front page seeing as I’ve been less than punctual with the short film of the week.

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