Gotcha! is one of those movies most people forgot, but one they easily remember when you mention the title. It’s a typical product of the Eighties: corny, as subtle as concrete, lots of spies and plenty of sex (especially in the dialogues).

Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) goes to Europe for the summer holidays and meets an intriguing woman (Linda Fiorentino) who is actually (can you guess it?) a spy! She seduces him (not that difficult) and gets him to accompany her to East-Berlin (which is Eastern-Europe and that means… oh my God, the Russians!).

Not good there, go back to West-Berlin and the Freedom.

The first thing Jonathan Moore does when he’s back on the Good Side is visit Burger King where he orders “a large American burger with large American fries” and of course a tasty American cola. (Well, actually the first thing he does is raise his middle finger to East-Berlin, an act that makes an American soldier whisper “I wanted to do that for the last six months”.)

But how could this movie know that five years later down would go the Berlin Wall? When Gotcha! was made we were all in the middle of Star Wars (not the epic plan by George Lucas, but the big-budget movie by Ronald Reagan).

Yes, Gotcha is dumb, but still entertaining (apart from the dull first half hour).


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