Turkish Supermen double bill

Turkish Supermen (image: Xploited)The Turkish Superman double bill release from Onar Films treats us to two Turkish movies with a Superman character: a double dose of fun and escapism will be guaranteed.

The first movie is Supermen Donuyor is often translated as “Turkish Superman” because we’re dealing with the real Superman here. Yes, it’s the original movie with Turkish actors and a Turkish sauce.
Just like the original, only a bit more amateurish.

In the second movie, Demir Yumruk: Devler Geliyor (a.k.a. Iron Fist: the Giants are Coming) it’s fair to say the Superman is just the hero in disguise. You see, the evil masterminds think he’s dead, so he has to dress up because otherwise his allies and foes would immediately recognize him (and nothing disguises a familiar voice better than a cape that still shows half of your face… erm, anyway…)
Then again, as a friend remarked, that always worked for Clark Kent too. Fair point well made.

Anyway, time for an in-depth look at this lovely double bill.

First up: Turkish Superman.
Sure, we could do the decent thing and call it Supermen Donuyor, but then you’re forgetting two things: 1) We’re not decent. And 2) hey, the movie is just a ripoff of the original American movie, so why pretend otherwise?

Superman (Turkish version) If you’re one of those people who thinks Superman was much too long, then this Turkish version will come to your rescue: it manages to tell the tale in just 68 minutes. With a startling opening scene: apparently we’re looking into the universe as a voice-over warms us up for the movie, but you don’t have to be an eagle-eyed viewer to spot this scene must’ve been filmed at a local kindergarten school, where the special effects crew (average age: 3.5 years) must’ve worked. Surely this must’ve been the shoddiest version of a universe you’ve ever seen.

But do not despair: the movie will get even worse. In a recent “Superhero Schlock” episode we already told you about this movie and the scene where a group of thugs gang up on Superman to beat him up (which, as we said, only resembles a group hug). We didn’t mention the blue screen effects which were executed so cheaply, literally noone will be fooled by them. Or the highly believable scene where Superman stops two trains about to crash into each other. As you can probably tell, the scene with the Superman actor is shot after the trains already stopped and nothing looks more heroic than stretching your arms between two trains. Unless it’s a local form of aerobics.

I wish I could say something positive about this film, but unlike 3 Dev Adam and similar movies, the only thing you can say about this is that it is an amateurish movie. Does that mean we’re not recommending it? But of course not! It’ll be hard to find another movie that displays as much incompetence as this movie, so grab some snacks and drinks and sit back for 68 minutes of a trainwreck of a movie.

Another Turkish Superman Then it’s time for Demir Yumruk: Devler Geliyor (which is translated as Iron Fist: the Giants are Coming). This movie is something else: this is more of an spy caper movie. When a spy is caught and shot by a group of criminals, he is saved by his bulletproof vest. He then dresses up as a superhero (and guess which one), so as not to expose his girlfriend, who’d infiltrated the gang (as a secretary) and who is aware he is not dead – as she was was assigned the task of burying the corpse (Turkish secretaries must have a hell of a job if this is included in the job description).

I won’t bore you too much with the plot of this movie: all you need to know is that there isn’t just one gang of criminals behind a hidden dagger, but two. Oh, and the professor who knows the location, gets killed. Which is why his son is eager to get revenge. Well, wouldn’t you? Add to this a handsome spy lady who becomes a secretary, the assistant who does foolish things to get a laugh (like fall out of a window into a fountain) and one criminal mastermind with a scarred face (caused by the rivalling mastermind of the other criminal gang) and you get yourself an action-packed movie that certainly delivers an evening of escapism. (Provided your evening isn’t too long. Turkish movies tend not to be so long, you see.)

Yes, there's torture, happy now?If you’d like to see even more after these two movies, there are always the extras Onar Films manage to cram on their discs. This time it’s a long interview with Kunt Tulgar, the director of Supermen Donuyor (and the writer of Deathless Devil – if you know that movie from Mondo Macabro’s Turkish double bill release). And of course there are many trailers for other Onar Films releases.

Both movies prove one thing: Onar Films are getting better every time they put out another release. The subtitles are getting better (new translators, I’ve heard) and the quality of this double bill is also good, especially given the poor state most older Turkish movies are in (although Iron Fist looks a tad better than Superman).

So in the end you’ll have one Z movie and one brainless B movie. A perfect night in for when you don’t want to put the trash out, but want to watch it inside.

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