Arte Trash is ready for 2008

If you are lucky enough to have access to the wonderful pan-European channel ARTE, then you may be more than glad to read that after only being shown every fortnight in November and going on hiatus in December, ARTE Trash returns in January and promises to be back every week.

But wait, don’t choose the wrong day to sit in front of your tv set ready for an overdose of erotic or bloodthirsty movie: ARTE has moved the show to a new date (sadly, that’s Friday) and a slightly earlier slot (23.30).

The good news? ARTE Trash returns with a promising first month: brand new Spanish horror, a Takeshi Miike and a genuine slice of British horror from the Seventies.

The Baby's Room (image: ARTE)To celebrate the return of a tv programme that shows horror (so rare a treat these days), I’ve written a small guide for the first three movies, so Delirium Vault readers can know what to expect: feel lucky, punks!


11/01: Películas para no dormir: La habitación del niño (2006)
“Películas para no dormir” (Films To Keep You Awake) was a six-part series of horror films made for tv but directed by horror directors. Amongst them Ibanez-Serrador (Who Would Kill A Child?), but also Jaume Balaguero (Darkness, Los Sin Nombre…), Mateo Gil (Abre Los Ojos) and Alex de l’Iglesia.
Alex is the son of underrated director Eloy de l’Iglesia (Cannibal Man, The Glass Ceiling), but has been building a quite interesting filmography himself: Accion Mutante, El Dia de la Bestia, La Communidad… He also directed “The Baby’s Room” a.k.a. “La habitación del niño” which is kicking off ARTE Trash’s 2008 series.

18/01: Gozu (2003)
From the acclaimed director Takashi Miike comes a Yakuza/ horror film to shock and amaze audiences everywhere! When Minami is sent to kill his mentor Ozaki who is in the midst of a nervous breakdown he embarks on a journey of unexplained natural phenomenon that only the director of such films as “Audition”, “Dead or Alive” and “Ichi the Killer” can provide in this surreal Lynchian/Cronenberg-like movie.
Some claim this movie is Miike’s masterpiece, some think it’s too ethereal for that. Be the judge of it yourselves.

25/01: Doomwatch (1972)
The waters surrounding an island become contaminated by chemical dumping, and people who eat fish caught in those waters become deformed and violent.
Tigon gave Peter Sasdy the chance to make this slice of British horror.
Doomwatch was based on a tv series with the same name, which was shown from 1970 to 1972 on the BBC. Most of the cast returned for the film, which – to say the least – was not received with a warm welcome. As for the series, good luck with finding the episodes: the BBC erased most of the tapes after transmission, so what was left was found elsewhere. The entire second season can be found, but several episodes of series 1 and 3 are missing. The penultimate episode, “Sex and Violence” was never transmitted and the last episode, “The Devil’s Demolition”, was never completed (after the production was abandoned). In 1999 Channel 5 tried to revive the series, but only the feature-length pilot was made and shown. I guess our lesson is, if you want to make a successful series, you’d better not call it “Doomwatch”.

ARTE Trash will continue in February…


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