Venus in Furs (Dallamano directs Laura Antonelli)

Venus In Furs (image: Xploited Cinema)That Massimo Dallamano‘s movie Venus in Furs (starring Laura Antonelli) has been released on DVD by Shameless (UK, Region 2) sounds as good news to anyone who’s seen some of Dallamano’s other movies (What Have You Done To Solange, What Have They Done To Your Daughters, The Cursed Medallion), but we would like to warn you not to get too pleased.

The DVD has been cut by BBFC. A minute of footage is not included: “Cut by 1:05s when submitted in 2007 as specified by the BBFC: Remove all sight of woman’s tearful screams turning to pleasure as man continues to rape her (this pleasure being indicated by her making moaning sounds and winding her arms around his neck). Intervening shots of other people may remain.”

I once saw this movie in a cut version and wasn’t terribly impressed by it. Maybe it was because of the cuts, maybe it just isn’t a very good movie, I don’t know. Anyway, be sure to avoid this release if you don’t want to end up disappointed because over a minute of footage is gone. Then again, apart from a Japanese fullscreen release the movie still isn’t available on DVD, so if you really want it, this widescreen but cut release may just be your only option.

UK Region 0 (PAL) release (Shameless): CUT
English audio
Widescreen release
Extras: trailer (+ trailers for other releases)
Xploited Cinema offers it for $24.95.

Japanese Region 2 (NTSC) release: UNCUT
English audio with forced Japanese subtitles
Xploited Cinema offers it for $39.95.


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