Eleanoora Rosenholm

CD cover (image: Fonal)Yes yes, you’re shaking, but you know what you’re shaking to? Contrary to what most people assume, my Finnish is a little rusty, so I really don’t understand the lyrics of Eleanoora Rosenholm. Now while that doesn’t seem to matter when you’re listening to poppy songs, you might feel a bit uneasy when you read the lyrics to Maailmanloppu, the band’s brand new single. But more about that later…

Eleanoora Rosenholm are from Finland and are a band, not the name of the singer (whose name is Noora Tommila). They have released an album with the title Vainajan Muotokuva. The album contains 9 tracks and 7 of them contain lots of bells, cheery music and upbeat tempos.
But do not be fooled: the instrumental tracks 5 and 8 are not the odds one out here, they reveal the true nature of Eleanoora Rosenholm.

(In case the cover hadn’t given you a hint already…)

If track 8 (“Puutarhakatu 36”) sounds like an eerie place when the ghosts of murdered children are still roaming around, you may have watched too many horror movies, but Eleanoora Rosenholm have described their music as “pop music for housewives and serial killers”. This truly hits the nail on the head: while the music sounds cheery enough, the lyrics and the odd soundscape buried inside a song show you that all is not what it seems.

Take track 9 and the video: it starts quite normal and boring, but within 20 seconds you see blood running down the girl’s legs and that’s just the start. Some kind spirit put the English translation of the lyrics on the site and that gives you further insight. But before you’re allowed to read those, have a look at the video first. (Ideally, you should listen twice: once with your eyes closed to hear the song and once to see the video, but I assume you’ll have other things to do today…)


2 thoughts on “Eleanoora Rosenholm

  1. deeopey July 1, 2008 / 11:46

    Wow a strange mixture. I’m liking the tunes. Will be a strange task reading translated music lyrics 🙂

    I have a habit of listening to lyrics for ages, I’ll love an abum and listen to it again and again only to one day actually listen to the lyrics and find it’s nothing to do with what I thought it was about.

  2. kurtodrome July 28, 2011 / 12:50

    They have just released their third album. Still odd as always.

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