Nuda Per Satana

Nude Per Satana cover (image: Dutch label Filmfreaks has launched a sublabel, Sodemented Cinema, which – according to the blurb on their covers – aims to release “the very best in badbad taste”.
If you don’t take their word for that, feel free to watch one of their first releases, Nuda Per Satana (a.k.a. Naked For Satan)
by Luigi Batzella.

Not that it should surprise you from the director of The Beast in Heat, but Nuda Per Satana is one hell of a weird movie: it features two people, a man and a woman, who crash their car on virtually the same spot.
One of them, the man, tries to get help at a nearby castle, only to be lured into a weird world where he encounters several people, including the exact image of the crashed woman (but she is not her). After a while the woman regains consciousness and goes to the castle herself, only to find an 18th century version of the man she saw at the crash and, erm, Satan.

And if scantily clad women weren’t enough, Sodemented offers a proud first: this is the first time the XXX-rated sequences were inserted into the film.

And by XXX-rated we really mean XXX-rated, even if this isn’t as extreme as what you’d find in some exploitation movies of the 70s, this is still very much “in your face”. Speaking of faces, one of the XXX-rated actresses does the most peculiar thing with her tongue: it doesn’t really look like she’s licking the bodies of her partners, more as if she’s imitating a blender.

Never mind that weird sight, because there isn’t anything normal about Nuda Per Satana. Now I’ve seen a fair amount of cult movies, but few are so warped and confusing as this one. Partially it’s intentional, partially it’s because they just didn’t seem what to do with this movie.
While, on any regular basis, that should be a ‘no no’, for this sort of movie it’s a big plus. Just try and wrap your head around this story, just try and feel aroused by the sex scenes and just try and be scared by the giant spider sequence. Yes, if ever there was a movie that dared to fight The Giant Spider Invasion (remember the Volkswagens dressed as spiders?) for “most unbelievable spider in a movie”, it’s Nuda Per Satana. This prop is so awfully made it won’t even scare a two-year-old.

So why would you need to own Nuda Per Satana? Well, first of all, if you’re completely bonkers and like your movies as weird as they can come, this is an absolute must. If there is still some sense floating around in your brain, you might have second (and third) thoughts about buying this, but please bear in mind that Nuda Per SatanaNuda had a regular and a hardcore version). Tacky plots, countless scenes with derobing because they could and special effects for $0.35 because that’s as much as the budget would allow… welcome to the Seventies, the decade when movies seemed to be made by people still suffering from the effects of a bad LSD trip. is a child of its time: no other decade dared to produce movies as genuinely weird as the seventies. This was the “anything goes” era with nonsensical plots and countless versions of movies (like this one had a regular and hardcore version).

Nuda per Satana has no redeeming qualities whatsoever and that’s what makes it so appealing.

Either it's experimental or the cameraman was a midget. As for the DVD release, the images look very nice, in a quality much higher than one could expect from this sort of movie. The XXX scenes (which are quite tame for 2008’s standards) look different from other scenes, but were probably filmed with other cameras, so this was to be expected. It is also handy, because you can feel warned the woman with the weird tongue might be approaching again.

The movie is presented in widescreen format with English or Italian sound (Dolby 2.0). You can choose between Dutch, French and English subtitles. Not many extra features, but you do get a couple of trailers.

We end on a bit of trivia: apparently this movie was a big influence on The Rocky Horror Picture Show. To be honest, we aren’t that surprised.

2 thoughts on “Nuda Per Satana

  1. Nekoneko June 24, 2008 / 06:46

    This was a weird lil’ film….I’ve seen the “R” version, and was struck enough by it’s hallucinative atmosphere to get curious enough to see what all the hoopla was regarding the “XXX” version.

    For me it was… well… lame. Obviously done just for commercial value. But I still liked the crazy drug inspired look of the “R” version enough to recommend a look see.

    I think you’ve given this one a great review!!

  2. admin June 25, 2008 / 18:13


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