The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

In 1916 Tod Browning (Freaks, Dracula, …) wrote a weird little movie, “Mystery of the Leaping Fish”. Douglas Fairbanks starred as Coke Ennyday, a parody of Sherlock Holmes. The story is so wacky I won’t even try and describe it.

Just go with it (unless you’ve never seen a silent movie before).

Put on YouTube by MaidMarian, who wants to put public domain movies on YouTube.
Excellent project.

If you want to buy the movie, you can find “Mystery of the Leaping Fish” as an extra on the dvd “The Gaucho” (also starring Douglas Fairbanks).


One thought on “The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

  1. DarkTrick July 4, 2008 / 09:08

    Fantastic find, simply fantastic.


    I fear my next playa persona may well have been discovered.


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