No One Belongs Here More Than You

The author of No One Belongs Here More Than You is Miranda July, she also stars in others’ video clips (Blonde Redhead’s Top Ranking) and makes movies (You and Me and Everyone We Know), but today I’d like to talk about her book. I don’t know what it is about Miranda July, but she’s like a ghost to me: when I wanted to go and watch her movie, it wasn’t playing (and that was the final day in my homebase, so tough luck). When her movie was going to be shown on Dutch telly, it got cancelled in favour of a repeat of the Coen brothers’ “O Brother Where Art Thou?”.

I noticed her book in Dutch translation and crossed the aisle to see if they also had her collection of stories in English version. They did. Sometimes Dutch books have lovely covers, which make you want to buy the translations rather than the originals (as mentioned in an earlier thread). This time the Dutch book looked a bit bland. The English paperback, however… well, judge for yourselves:

Wow, I don’t know about you, but I just love that picture…

I still haven’t read the book (I’m about to), but I’d like to think my money went to buying that photograph.  grinning

Anyway, if you have a couple of minutes, do check out the website Miranda made for her book. It may just be the best book site I’ve ever seen:

I hope you agree. Even if you don’t like reading.

P.S. This is an older post. I’d planned to put it in the archive of this blog on the day I’d originally written it (March 30), but then I previewed the post to see if every link was working and I saw the book cover again. And then I decided: no, it may seem silly to repost this, but I like the cover and Miranda July’s book site (did you check the link above?) so much… it deserves a second chance. So you there you go.
Since the original post I’ve read the book. It’s full of stories with a twist: e.g. a woman who used to learn three older people how to swim doesn’t seem abnormal, until you realize there is no pool or beach in the town and she’s teaching them swimming lessons in her kitchen. Odd situations and fucked-up families, No One Belongs Here More Than You is full of such stories. Not all of them are hits, but the beauty and oddness of the more perfect(ed) stories make up for that.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Now, will you check Miranda’s book site? Pretty please?


2 thoughts on “No One Belongs Here More Than You

  1. deeopey August 7, 2008 / 19:16

    Just bought this off a pal, so will have a read soon!

  2. Deeopey October 28, 2008 / 10:36

    I read the book while I was away, wow she has a hell of a way of picking out the dirtiest most childish things and making them interesting. I never checked out the website before but yeah top marks! Just taking a peak at her own site which is fairly packed with imagination too.

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