As most of you know, my name is a reference to the excellent tv programme Moviedrome, once hosted by director Alex Cox (and later by Mark Cousins). One of the biggest prides of my website is that it includes the definite guide to Moviedrome. At one point I included a couple of mistakes, because people just copied it and posted it on their sites without reference to my hard work compiling the cult movie show that ran for 11 years. (If you’re interested, if you spot Amadeus in a list, it’s the old and stolen list.)

Technology changes. For years people had to be content with my list or the audio introductions compiled by Kaprisky. Now there’s YouTube and some of the Moviedrome introductions have made it to that omnipotent site. I spent most of my afternoon to find the links to the YouTube introduction and now my guide is highly up to date. At the same time I also managed to find other Alex Cox introductions, which are posted beneath my Moviedrome list. So if you’d like to spend a couple of hours in movie nostalgia, have a look at my Moviedrome page.

For now, as an appetiser, Alex Cox introduces Face To Face:


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