Reservoir on fire

I think it’s pretty well established I don’t like Ta****ino. Mainly because he had the habit of lifting entire plots from lesser known movies without giving the proper credit. I still have to find the first person who knows his alleged epic double bill Kill Bill is an ‘hommage’ to Lady Snowblood because at the end of his movie there’s a song by Meiko Kaji (who played the lead in Lady Snowblood – even though the song’s from another of her movies). For the record: Lady Snowblood is told in chapters, she makes a list of the people she’ll kill, there’s a flashback from when she was trained, there’s a fight in the snow, a fight in the restaurant and someone turns her background story into a comic… Sounds familiar? The movie also introduced its characters by pausing the sequence to have the name of the character appear on screen. The so-called director was highly praised for this technique when he did it in Reservoir Dogs, yet I never got to read at the time he borrowed the idea from one of his favourite movies.

Speaking of the man’s debut, Mike White of Impossible Funky had a bit of fun and compared Reservoir to Ringo Lam‘s City on Fire. We’re not going to argue that the latter is a good film, just that some of the scenes look a bit identical to what Quentin served a couple of years later. If you can’t spare ten minutes of your time, be sure to watch the final four minutes.

And there’s more… but you’ll have to wait till Boxing Day for that. For now: merry Christmas!


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