Movies I missed in 2008: Vinyan

With only 20 hours seperating me from the year 2009, it’s time to make my Best of 2008 lists. Of course no movie list can be complete, for the simple reason noone can see every film made in the course of one year. Apart from those you skipped willingly (Hancock, Disaster Movie, etc.), there’s those you never heard of (no examples here – for obvious reasons) and those you never got round to seeing. My list of missed movies includes There Will Be Blood (which will appear in lots of top 10s, I assume) and… Vinyan.

Vinyan is the second movie by Fabrice du Welz, the Belgian talent behind Calvaire.
His second movie is set in Thailand and focuses on the day of the tsunami and the months thereafter. A mother (played by Emmanuelle Béart) is convinced her young son didn’t die during the tsunami and is desperate to find him after seeing video footage of some kids in the middle of the Thai jungle. She believes one of those boys is her son. With the help of her husband (Rufus Sewell) she goes on a quest to retrieve her son.

If all that sounds a bit like a drama, think again and mainly think of Vinyan‘s predecessor, Calvaire. Du Welz is an author (he writes and directs his movies) of movies you can’t stick into one category. Vinyan seems to combine drama, ghost stories and horror… well, that’s what I could determine from the clips I saw.

For some reason it only played one or two weeks near me and one week I was far too busy to go and watch a movie, the other I was struck by a cold. Première has three extracts of the film and the opening sequence of the film. I liked most of those clips, so it’s quite possible the movie would’ve ended up in my Top 10 (I didn’t think it was a great year for cinema, to be honest). I guess I’ll have to post an update once this will be released on dvd.

For now… if Vinyan is still coming to your country, be sure not to miss it. Here’s the link to the opening sequence (all clips are in English with French subtitles) and if you click on the right side of the screen, you can also catch three extracts from the film and the trailer.

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