Nightmare Castle released in May

Welcome to the news headquarters of DV. That a wonderful dvd release of Nightmare Castle was coming up, may not be news to you: this was already mentioned months ago. But recently a release date has been announced: fans of gothic Italian movies should put May 19 2009 in their diaries.

Gothic horror fans will be delighted to know that Severin Films will be giving the first official DVD release to the 1965 Barbara Steele chiller NIGHTMARE CASTLE / THE FACELESS MONSTER (original title: Amanti d’oltretomba, or “Lovers Beyond The Tomb”).
The original negative has recently been discovered in a Rome storage vault and apparently in good condition. Severin will be doing a new HD transfer in its original aspect ratio, so all those super cheap bootleg DVDs taken from 10th generation TV prints can now be discarded forever.
The film was directed by Mario Caiano, and Severin recently shot a great interview with the 75 year old master at his home just outside of Rome. NIGHTMARE CASTLE also showcases the very first horror score by the legendary Ennio Morricone, and the beautiful black & white cinematography comes courtesy of Enzo Barboni.
This uncut, uncensored and unsung hit of Italian horror history will have a DVD street date to be announced in the near future.
(source: dvd drive-in)

In these times of economic crisis with one small company after another closing the books this morsel of good news is more than welcome.

Another recent addition to this upcoming release: Barbara Steele has been interviewed for the dvd extras.


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