Music 2008… the list is coming

I know… it’s March, but my list with best songs from 2008 still has to arrive. (Nearly there, by the way.) One of the bigger puzzles is always finding out whether a song belongs to said year or not. Some songs from 2007 are in the list because I only discovered them in 2008 and because the record only came out in 2008 (unlike the EP on which the song was originally released). Same thing for bands whose albums were only released in the local country in 2008, but are awaiting a worldwide release in 2009… if I discovered them in 2008, they can be on the list. Sometimes a song doesn’t make it to the final list because, no matter how long I tried to look for it, all evidence points to it being a 2007 release which I discovered a year late.

Another problem… Under Byen. The Danish band, applauded here before, released an EP with the Danish Radio Sinfionetta. The EP was called Siamesisk and featured five songs. Though on the original release the songs aren’t mentioned and all is just seen as one EP. So what do I do…? Put the EP in my list as “Siamesisk EP” or nominate one of the tracks? I still haven’t figured that one out, though YouTube is helping me choose because the songs are on their site as individual tracks.

So why did I post this? To let you know I’m still working on my Best of 2008 list? Maybe. Was this all a grand introduction for the song “Den her sang handler om at få det bedste ud af det”? Maybe. Never mind, just listen. It’s 8 minutes of your life you’ll never get back, but you won’t regret spending them this way:

P.S. I officially grant you permission to call the track “Den her sang handler”. (“Onkel” was the working title and not that much of a tongue twister.)


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