The entertainment pages turned into an obituary magazine

Normally a visit to the entertainment pages of local news provide you some information about what’s going on with the movies, the films, the books etc. Not today.

Of course the news of Michael Jackson‘s death is the main news on the entertainment pages. The death, the legacy, the controversy… smeared out on several pages.

Just underneath, the suicide of a local singer. She (37) killed herself yesterday, allegedly by hanging herself in the woods. The singer and tv host couldn’t cope with her recent divorce and the potential prospect of losing her tv programme. The death, the legacy, how you can prevent yourself from committing suicide… smeared out on several pages.

All this leaves you with the final page… oh, Farrah Fawcett… also died. One page. Sorry dear, there’s no more space.

Makes you feel bad the sun is shining and it’s hot.


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