Superhero Schlock

Superhero Schlock is a series I’ve been covering on DV itself for quite a while now. After ten episodes it seemed like the right time to post the series on my Avenue as well. Plus, it’s become a category, so if you’ve missed an episode, all you need to do is click the category and find all the updates.

Superhero Schlock dedicates itself to schlocky remakes of superhero movies as well as taking an irregular look at other schlocky remakes made mostly in Turkey or India.

The series kicks off today with part one:  Indian Superman.

Shudder to think, but yes, India has made more than one Superman movie. The other will be mentioned later in the series, but today it’s all hands on deck for this South-Indian version. This film finally gives us a reason why Superman concealed his identity: “Because I promised my mother not to tell anyone.” Makes perfect sense that.

Complete with the obligatory fly’n’dance and an estimated $0.45 for special effects:


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