Alyas Batman en Robin

Alyas Batman en Robin (I think you won’t have any trouble translating that title all by yourself) is our next entry in our Superhero Schlock series and it comes from the Philippines. It was made in 1991 (though you won’t be able to guess that from the footage) and is closer to Adam West‘s than to Tim Burton‘s Batman. (Don’t even think of Christopher Nolan.)

In Alyas Batman en Robin Batman and Robin battle the Penguin and the Joker and Batman seduces a female reporter by offering her Bat tea (and, even more worrying, Bat juice).

Time for the trailer:

That the producers didn’t worry at all about copyrights becomes clear in the next scene where Penguin and Joker rob a bank.  Intent on terrorizing the people as much as possible, they even burst out in a (pretty familiar) song.
It works… look at the poor girls who start waving along to the beat of the song.
Holy hypnotic fiends, Batman!

In the words of Filmthreat: “It is hard to recall another film where so many uninteresting people find themselves together in a single production.”

Anyway, without wanting to give away any of the plot (if there is such a thing) all’s well that ends well and this version of Batman and Robin ends as one can expect… with a song. This time everyone sings along to the Batman version of At The Hop. Yes, everyone, even the fiendish opponents Joker and Penguin, as well as a midget in a Spiderman costume.

As the second song of the credits miraculously puts it: “Praise the Lord, it’s Batman and Robin.”


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