Badi (Turkish E.T.)

Meet Badi, he’s just like E.T.
Really, they stole several plot ideas from E.T. to make this movie. (Guess on which vehicle they will help Badi escape at the end of the movie.)
The only thing they didn’t manage to steal was talented people who could make a decent costume. As it is, the actor who has to play Badi is clad in something that looks like it was made by a 5-year-old without any sign of talent. The head cannot be moved and the costume is evidently two sizes too large for the dwarf inside the costume.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, they were also looking for a way to show Badi when he’s angry. As the head was not an option, they chose to let steam come from underneath Badi. Several friends of mine have remarked: “So this is what alien porn looks like.”

Please give one minute of your time to this historic moment in cinema entertainment… here’s Badi.


One thought on “Badi (Turkish E.T.)

  1. Deeopey September 13, 2009 / 00:43

    Um, wow. Did he just ejaculate smoke?

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