The Deathless Devil

How can you be like Sherlock Holmes? Well, by dressing up as Sherlock Holmes. Elementary. This is just one of the wise lessons in The Deathless Devil (originally titled Yılmayan Şeytan).

The Deathless Devil also contains a hi-tech computer (read: tv on box), a fierce robot (impossible to describe) and top-notch action (oh, those Turkish superstars slash acrobats). But before we dive into the action, first a bit of fighting.

Notice how stabbing looks quite different in Turkey (rather like ballet) and how this office is somewhere located in the Twilight Zone: sometimes the office door leads to another office, sometimes to the roof. It’s magic!

But now the ‘moment de gloire’ of the fiercest robot you’ve ever seen in Turkish cinema. The only robot that can rival my perennial favourite (the one from Supersonic Man)! It’s fierce alright, but can it take on superhero Copperhead? (Did I just say Copperhead? Probably not the best superhero name ever invented.) But, before we dive into the climatic action (headfirst, of course), a comically intended scene of half a minute.

The Deathless Devil is out on DVD (thanks to Mondo Macabro). If you’re not sure about spending your money on this DVD (you’ll also get Tarkan vs the Vikings as a wonderful bonus feature), you can check out some large clips on YouTube.


One thought on “The Deathless Devil

  1. Leon September 13, 2009 / 00:41

    Fantastic, I’ve just grabbed the DVD and I’m very much looking forward to seeing these, god bless Mondo Macabro, eh. This will be the perfect antidote for all the Hollywood/mainstream crap I’ve had to endure over the last few weeks.

    Cheers for the heads up Kurt!

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