Seytan (Turkish Exorcist)

Today’s piece of schlock cinema does not contain a superhero, but an exorcist. The Exorcist was forbidden in Turkey and so they reshot it (almost scene by scene) as Seytan. The only thing they didn’t have… a budget and talented actors. Which is where we come in… drooling, I might add. Because Seytan sure is a mind-boggling experience.

Some of the YouTube clips have been pulled off YouTube (copyright violation??), so I’ve put this movie as the second entry. (At least, now you can still enjoy some of the clips.) Next time we’ll go back to superhero madness!

The story is… well, I guess you’ve seen or heard about The Exorcist. All you need to know here is that the girl’s name is Gül in this movie.

As for the best scene in the movie… you know how in The Exorcist the little girl is suddenly hovering over her bed? Well, the same happens here… only they didn’t have a budget and so they’d put a trampoline (!) under the bed. Which makes it hilarious to watch, especially when the mother sees Gül and jumps on top of her and both jump up and down. (Watch this one minute into this video that compares both versions.)

Okay, so the “your mother sucks cock in hell” scene is one they couldn’t film… but watch how Seytan overcomes this problem (55 seconds into the clip): dazzling special effects. Also, the exorcist (2.20 into the clip) gets ready for his Oscar by showing Gul is trying to put a spell on him. Or maybe he just has cramps…

The Wave Magazine also wrote a review and you can find it here. There used to be a dvd out, but this is unavailable (not sure if this is due to being sold out or because it was pulled for copyright reasons). My two cents? Seytan is a movie that shouldn’t be forbidden, mainly because it shows how wrong a movie can be. Every second makes The Exorcist look more like a classic and you don’t have to be Mark Kermode to think that.


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