The Hurt Locker

Some call it the definitive Iraq movie, but wouldn’t it a bit too early to claim this mission was accomplished? Fact is Kathryn Bigelow directed a movie that gives you some idea as to what it can be to serve in Iraq. And to leave the place after your tour of duty. By not spending too much time between the final mission and the first trip to a gigantic supermarket in the US, you understand how it must feel to go from a desolate area full of death and decay to 300 varieties of corn flakes.

The Hurt Locker is 90 minutes of male bonding and recklessness, because that’s all there is. The opening quote (by author Chris Hedges) sums it up neatly: “War is a drug.”

But I do have a couple of bones to pick and each bone will cost the film 0.5 point:
1. This is the sort of film that can do without a star studded cast. In fact, the sudden arrival of the Brits completely kicks you out of your imagination because the Brits (portrayed by a.o. Ralph Fiennes and Guy Pearce) are so much better known than the American leads of the film. Suddenly you’re aware it’s only a movie, something the soldiers in Iraq can only dream of.
2. Most of the time the shaking camera added to feeling nearer to the soldiers, but sometimes its use was exaggerated.

Final score: 7/10


One thought on “The Hurt Locker

  1. O. McKeen February 26, 2010 / 18:57

    Great article, thanks for the share. Blog bookmarked 🙂

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