Forward, nostalgia: music lists (1994-2008)

December is upon us and I guess I won’t be the only one who’s spotted several Best of 2009 lists. Will I join in and offer you my lists? Sure, but you’ll have to wait a while, as per usual. In the meantime, let’s get used to the annual nostalgia feeling by looking back at my favourite tunes of the past 15 years. The idea is simple, I give you a year, my best song of the year (plus link, if available on YouTube). Discerning music lovers only have to click the link to see the entire lists.

N°1: Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating (beating Audrey’s “Big Ships” by half an inch)

N°1: Tunng – Bullets

The year I didn’t publish a list, but I did pick a number one: step forward, The Fiery Furnaces! The n°1 track: “I’m in no mood”.

As I couldn’t choose between two Sufjan Stevens songs, I picked both. So number one was …

… as well as …

In 2004 I had the same problem with Blonde Redhead. One day I preferred Equus, the other Elephant Woman. So 2004’s best song was…

… as well as …

(The latter being a fan video.)

N°1: The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

N°1: Gonzales – Take Me To Broadway

N°1: Ladytron – Playgirl

N°1: Death In Vegas – Dirge (Allow me to cheat a little here: the video was made for the re-release of the track, but in 2000 I did choose the longer album version, this one, over the single version.)

And the winner was “Escape Pod (From the World of Medical Observations)” by Stereolab, the first time a bonus track was the n°1.

1998 (list unavailable)
N°1: Solex – Rolex by Solex

N°1: Belle and Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane

N°1: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – The Curse of Millhaven (the only track I couldn’t find on YouTube… well, there was one, but the sound was abominable, so I chose this live version instead).

1995 (list unavailable)
N°1: Sam Sever – What’s That Sound

1994 (list unavailable)

Yes, Miranda Sex Garden and the track “Cut” (beating “Suds and Soda” by dEUS by only an inch). Both songs highly impressed the younger me: dEUS made a song that became the Belgian equivalent of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which gave the decrepid local scenes a gigantic boost. Whereas “Fairytales of Slavery” by Miranda Sex Garden was an album I’d rented at the library. I only knew the band from their a-capella tracks and put this song on the headphones, with the volume completely cranked up. It was quite a shocking experience.

And that’s it for the past fifteen years. Who’ll be this year’s n°1? Find out soon…

4 thoughts on “Forward, nostalgia: music lists (1994-2008)

  1. deeopey December 18, 2009 / 11:42

    For my ease of listening I’ve made a Spotify playlist:

    The only one I couldn’t get is Sam Sever. Though Ladytron is a remix (there were a few I just picked one at random).

  2. Kurtodrome December 19, 2009 / 02:25

    Ah, the 604 Remixes album. I have that too. The one I like best is the Simian Playboy mix as it turns it into a really different song (more like a Balkan tango).

    I was genuinely surprised I found Sam Sever on YouTube (and not Nick Cave’s track).

    Still can’t access Spotify but I hope you like the list. (If you wanna be really fair you should pick the top 3 of each year as some years ended quite close. Like last year: still don’t know whether Crystal Castles was a better n°1 and I believe it was a comment that made me choose Crystal Castles: “This music makes me forget how much they’re assholes. And they’re huge assholes.” 😀

  3. deeopey December 23, 2009 / 10:02

    That’s an awesome quote for the Crystal Castles.

    I’ve updated the spotify list as best I can though there’s a few more tracks missing. Also some of the Kurtodrome pages from the 90’s are missing.

  4. Kurtodrome December 24, 2009 / 16:00

    Sorry, my mistake: the links are now correct and working.

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