Pain Teens – "The Basement"

Have you ever been shocked by a video? Really shocked? To the extent that several years later you still remember some images: a shaking lamp, a girl behind stairs, violence… Well, as you can tell from the introduction, I have. I once saw a short documentary about a band called Pain Teens on the Dutch television. It included the video for “The Basement”. And like I said, I still remember it. Not only because the song is about a girl that’s being kept in a basement and tortured, but also because some of the lyrics were re-enacted.

Well, thanks to YouTube, I was able to see it once more. I still found it disturbing. Anyway, here it is. Watch it at your own risk.


4 thoughts on “Pain Teens – "The Basement"

  1. deeopey January 29, 2010 / 09:54

    Don’t think I’ll be taking you up on this, that sort of thing has a tendency to haunt me. Certain things like the NIN Broken video or Man Bites Dog gang-rape have stuck in my head incredibly clearly and I’m not sure they need company 🙂

  2. Kurtodrome January 29, 2010 / 16:05

    Well, let’s say the acting isn’t the best in the world. Makes it easier to stomach.

  3. seriously June 21, 2010 / 20:55

    This song is based on Sylvia Likens murder. Disgusting of them make a video of it with them all smiling and re-enacting what happened. They made it a long time ago, hope they look back and feel as dumb as they looked.

  4. Kurtodrome June 23, 2010 / 14:46

    Well, we can’t expect people who call themselves Bliss Blood and make songs like “Bannoy” to be subtle. In the band’s defence, their song made me shiver more than any of the movies about Sylvia Likens could. The video is indeed a bit dubious, but sometimes it looks as if they didn’t have a clue about what they were doing either.

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