Marina goes to Hollywood

And the plugging continues… just about a year ago we discovered “Mowgli’s Road” and were instantly blown away by Marina Diamandis (a.k.a. Marina and the Diamonds). At the time you could only buy two EPs on an American label, but those who knew her had a gut feeling greater things had to lie ahead… more demo versions were thrown on the internet, the tours took her to bigger venues (including the NME Radar Tour  – also the first time I got my ass to another country, just to see a concert) and now it’s 2010. In just over a week (a.k.a. Monday 22) Marina’s debut album The Family Jewels (an in-joke reference to the EP title The Crown Jewels) will hit the record stores, a collection of the two EPs, some songs you may have known from the internet demos (there is a fat chance “Girls” or “The Outsider” will end up high on our Best of 2010 list – mark my words). And just a few weeks ago Marina and the Diamonds played her brand new single, Hollywood, on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. What’s next, Marina: global domination?

Here’s the video for Hollywood, the single that was released on February 1 to announce the album. I honestly have to say it took me two or three times before I opened up to this track, so feel free to repeat it a couple of times.

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