Jude Law fights back and shoots himself in the foot

Two weeks ago the Avenue posted part of a Newswipe episode, where journalist Marina Hyde tackled celebrities who were backing good causes. Now Jude fights back. Fast forward six and a half minutes and that’s when it starts.

Now we’re not saying that Jude Law isn’t doing something good, but…

– the Newswipe clip did make Jude look like a bit of a tit. Or a bad actor. “Ooh, when are you going? July? Hmm, I’m free as well.” Send an Oscar.
– Secondly and most importantly… he may not have remembered the journalist’s name (adding “Thank God”), but when he’s reminded of her name, he spits on the ground. Always a sign of bad manners.
– … and then he adds he’s doing all the great work and how this journalist “with her fat arse” shouldn’t dare to be critical of him and ‘Angie’ Jolie, who are hard-working celebrities and who are making the world a better place. Not only does he miss the entire point of Marina Hyde’s views in her book (she is critical of the celebs who are doing it to improve their image, but she’s even more critical of the news media, who have made it thus that things are only news-worthy when Jude Law pops up), we’re not also sure Ms Hyde has a fat bottom. Anyway, what we are sure about is that Marina Hyde doesn’t only write about celebrities, she also writes about sports and politics.

But then again, that is the difference between looking something up (like we do) and making rude remarks about people with different opinions. Then again, it does take more time to google someone (or, heaven forbid, read a book) than it does to spit on the ground. But that is why Jude Law is an asshole.

(interview by Movies.ie)


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