Great moments in cinema: Deadly Weapons

Every time someone uses the words “Deadly Weapons” we have to think of breasts. And specifically Chesty Morgan‘s breasts. 73FF-32-36 and natural, officially the largest breasts in film history.

The ‘plot’ of this Doris Wishman masterpiece was about a woman whose husband is killed by a mob. She wants to revenge him, the only way she can think of: by smothering them with her breasts. Chesty also starred in another Wishman classic: Agent Double 73. In that film, Morgan was a secret agent with a hidden camera implanted in her breasts (which is why every time she wanted to take a photograph she had to unbutton her shirt). Little did she know the agency had also implanted a bomb in her breast, in case she’d be exposed.

But here’s Deadly Weapons, because the trailer is so much better. Just listen to the announcer’s voice. How could this movie not be thrilling?


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