DV presents: German week!

Jawohl, it’s German week here at DV. The entire week Nekoneko and I will be going through all things Deutsch. Of course, any German readers don’t have to worry… we’ll try and tackle German week with a bit more grace than others. Coming up later this week: westerns, arthouse, gore and krimi.

But now, by way of an introduction, we go back a couple of weeks when I reviewed the German film Gib gas, ich will Spass. The music phenomenon that was Neue Deutsche Welle was mentioned here, but – as there was no way of fitting it into the review – one of the best known German songs was omitted. Here now, the video (albeit in a somewhat altered format – nothing like widescreen, eh) of Trio‘s “Da Da Da”.

P.S. For those who can stomach more, here’s Trio performing Anna, lass mich rein live on German television. It’s not often you see someone eating during a performance.


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