Great moments in cinema: Trog

I hope you weren’t expecting another full review today, just look at the massive amounts of words I penned last week. No, let’s recover with a superslice of bad movie. Trog sadly ranks as the last film Joan Crawford made. It features her as a scientist versus a man in a cheap costume, sorry… prehistoric man. Actually, Trog (short for Troglodyte) is described as a “fearsome half-man half-ape with the strength of twenty demons”. That’s a lot of strength, Trog!

The absolute highlight of the film is the scene where Crawford and Apeman play with a ball. A scene any awarded actress would dream of doing… Sadly I couldn’t find that particular scene, but here’s a clip that shows what it is Crawford has to do the entire movie…

It’s an absolute wonder how such a bad film could be made, given the acting talents of Joan Crawford and Michael Gough and the directing skills of Freddie Francis. If you can stomach more, here’s the trailer.


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