Shoes want to be adored

I think I’ve hit a new record, I’ve received 147 spam messages in the last 70 hours. Thankfully I now know everything about soma and underwear. Also, a lot of you seem to have arguments with your older sisters and thanks to the handy information on the Avenue, you now have one extra argument for when the subject will pop up again. Always glad to be of assistance…

Maybe you and your older sister don’t know this, but Dr. Martens exist 50 years. And to celebrate this, they’ve asked a couple of musicians to cover a song. Because nothing says “shoes” more than covering a song. There’s a hideous cover of “Buffalo Stance” (in fact, so hideous only Benicio del Toro will like it), but some of the covers are quite good and all you need to do is give your mail address and you can download the song for free. And every song gets a video as well.
Speaking of which, time for The Raveonettes reinterpreting The Stone Roses.

You can download the track here or watch a “making of”.


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