When Capt. Cahill (Tobey Maguire) goes missing in action, his brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) helps out his sister-in-law (Natalie Portman) and children. After being presumed dead, Cahill pops up again and has a tough time adapting.

It was nice to see Mare Cunningham again (as the mother of the Cahills) and it isn’t a badly made film (by Jim Sheridan of In the Name of the Father and My Left Foot fame), but you can’t shake the feeling that this film needs half an hour to explain what Kathryn Bigelow could do in one single scene and overall it’s less effective than The Hurt Locker. Also, some scenes are hardly convincing and take out the punch of the entire film. Other scenes are so evidently directed to make you feel emotional, Brothers achieves the completely opposite effect.

Originally a Danish film called Brødre (which was released in 2004), the original version was directed by Susanne Bier. Once again, the remake can’t stand up to the original.



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