Deaper meanings…

So I found myself listening to “Crimewave” by Crystal Castles, but what are they singing? Luckily a lyrics site helped me out…

Eyes lit
i pawn short breaths
a fawn’s dark eye lids
dada dada die
but life’s breast
like a sun against my head

Didn’t really sound like what I was hearing, so I tried another site and found…

Eyes lit
On sharp threats
From darks lips

But lights press
The soft skin
To rough hands.

Erm, still don’t make any site. But the third site helped me out with these lyrics…

Eyes lit
I want short breaths
I found dark eyelids
Nice breasts
Like the summer into rough hands

And there ends today’s lesson on how you shouldn’t always trust what you read on the internet. Next time I’ll teach you how to turn water into gold.

One thought on “Deaper meanings…

  1. deeopey October 5, 2010 / 15:33

    Makes me grateful that I’m not really a lyrics person. A painstaking listen got me,

    I slip,
    on short breaths,
    upon dark eye lids.

    Night’s press,
    like the summer,
    in to rough hands.

    That at least agrees with some of your versions 🙂

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