The first season of Veronica Mars was all about the murder of Lilly Kane. Forget that the series went downhill every episode, this is why back in time when the show was “teen noir” rather than an Veronica Mars went incredibly downhill, but it did launch the careers of Kirsten Bell (Veronica) and Amanda Seyfried.

Seyfried’s distinctive looks have now been used by Atom Egoyan. Since Egoyan went Almodovar (that’s movie lingo for apeshit) on his earlier movies, I paid less attention. I liked his older stuff too much.
Chloe, the latest Egoyan, is a remake of Nathalie, a French film from 2003. This may come as a shock to ardent Eyogan fans as it’s the first time he didn’t write the script for his movie.

Chloe (Seyfried) is a prostitute and she’s hired by Catherine (Julianne Moore) to go up to her husband David, a professor played by Liam Neeson, to check if he’d flirt with her. Catherine, you see, is convinced her husband is having affairs with younger women and she’s convinced that any young girl who’ll go near him will be seduced and bedded.
Apparently not… according to Chloe, who then seems to be seduced herself… by Catherine. Oh, and Michael (Max Thierot) also meets Chloe and falls for her as well. Michael is the son of David and Catherine.

For a while, every twist made me enjoy the movie more and more, but once we get to the climax, we’re presented with something I couldn’t believe. To me, it was a scriptwriter’s way of inventing something that would give some ending to the film. Fingers crossed and hope we’ll get away with it. I did like the final scene, but it couldn’t wash down the bad feeling.

Family Viewing and Exotica are still my two prime examples of how Egoyan can uncover a film, peeling a story layer by layer. Chloe is like a Kinder Surprise chocolate: the chocolate is tasty and you leave one final bit when you open the egg… only it’s not a mini-car you have to build but a stupid toy. Then you’re left with only one bit of chocolate and – wouldn’t you know it – that just tastes as wonderful as the earlier bites.


P.S. We end, for once, not with the trailer but with a clip…


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