I’d like to continue, but I see no point.

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7 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. deeopey October 24, 2010 / 10:03

    Damn, sorry to read this. It’s frustrating to work so hard and see so little evidence that people are either getting or enjoying your efforts. You’ve certainly made a good go of it. In any case I’ve always appreciated your writing in both content and style. Whatever you decide I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  2. kurtodrome October 26, 2010 / 11:57

    Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.

    However… I didn’t fail to notice that none of the DV readership ever comments on my blog. The only way I’d get a comment if it was posted on the site itself (and I’d copy and paste it here).

    It’s safe to say the cross-referencing DV wanted to achieve by using the blogs didn’t work. The readers didn’t bother checking the links and the only non-DV comments I got were angry letters. I have tried to send as many people to the other DV blogs and the main site, but more and more this blog became a niche… ending up with only comments by you, me and the spammers. Enough Britney Spears underwear and bestiality links already!

    Also, those who did praise DV the last few months always mentioned Neko’s blog, but never mine. I can therefore only conclude that my blog does not fit here. And that this decision comes from the readers. If they don’t want to read my stuff, I’ll save them the disappointment of logging on and finding out the new post is… sigh… only by me.

    These last two years I did actually link from my site to these pages to integrate features like recent movie reviews, the Top 10 of 20** and the Kurtodrome Vault. Maybe it’s better to return those features to my site. I felt like I was spamming the site with reviews noone could give a shit about anyway.

    My self-chosen hiatus isn’t over: there’s still one more week in October and come Nov 5, I’ll make my final decision. Right now, I only get the negative vibes from the returned members and the fact that all the initiatives to get a bigger audience failed (and not only because of the readers but also because of DV’s desired lack of structure). You can’t have your cake and eat it, as they say.

    And given that a recent poll seemed to indicate my buns were not wanted, this baker is re-evaluating his own recipes and his location. But don’t get me wrong: it’s a nice place here next to the abattoir.

  3. deeopey October 26, 2010 / 22:23

    Honestly I don’t know why that is. Certainly DV has always been about a broad range of cult film.

    I’ve been thinking about Neko’s success recently and I think she’s been able to tap in to a specific film niche and that together with the unique character she brings to her reviews has appealed to people.

    When I was doing my blog I think my interest in film was always too broad and occasionally strayed a bit mainstream to make any headway in a saturated review market. I also don’t think a brought enough of an individual voice to my writing and in a lot of ways tried to followed the template of professional reviews in the likes of Empire. The lack of attention from outside together with the time researching and writing each review was at the core of why I gave up.

    I’ve seen you try various approaches at focusing your reviews and tapping in to your cult interests along the lines of what I might’ve liked to do, it’s a shame none have taken off or gotten the recognition here in the way you deserve.

    In my head DV should be an aggregate of many different niches and more than one voice is what brings that. I’m not sure what you think of all this or where it leaves DV, just laying out my thoughts on it.

  4. kurtodrome October 27, 2010 / 18:59

    I agree with you, especially on the last part. DV used to broader and our banners still reflect that.

    Having said that, the active readers we have (by that, I mean those commenting) follow a certain pattern: they do follow Neko from DV to the Litterbox but the blog readers from the Litterbox don’t follow to DV. Also, those who followed us from the main site to the blogs have followed Neko to the Litterbox but not me to here.

    Hence I can only deduce that those who read DV don’t care about my views and reviews. As you notice, it’s just you and me in this topic. Either noone comes to these back of the woods or they are silently hoping I will step back.

  5. deeopey October 28, 2010 / 09:42

    Well I can’t really speak for people that aren’t here, I would say however that I am sure all hugely appreciate your contribution to DV even if they don’t make it here.

    As for people hoping you step away, I’m certain that’s not the case.

    I realise though I’m a lone voice here and there’s no positive spin that can be put on that.

  6. Nekoneko October 29, 2010 / 02:10

    Kurt…. I’m sorry to hear you are thinking of hanging things up…. that would be a shame given the work you’ve put in both here and at DV. Please don’t….

    You’ve always been the most articulate of us here and I know I don’t want you to quit just because it seems so quiet all the time. I know it can be discouraging… especially the days you find nothing but spam in the comments and feel like no one is reading, let alone enjoying your efforts.

    I’ve had my days when I was so close to just giving in myself after a quick look at StatPress tells me that most of my traffic is from Torrent sites stealing bandwidth for my picture files or casual people looking for free porn thanks to some of my review comments.

    I like to think there’s room for all our voices here at DV… although the relevance of the main DV site itself does seem to have disappeared beyond it’s value as a piece of our shared past and remembrances of those heady days.

    I’ve always gotten the feeling that at times you feel like the entire weight of carrying the task of keeping DV alive has fallen to you…. and I wish you wouldn’t let that stop you from just doing the stuff here that makes you happy, whenever you feel like doing it instead of feeling like you have to do it or else.

    I’ve wished before… and I still wish… there were more of us still active at this. It would make things feel more of a community and less like a few people meeting together in a empty field to say “hello” once in a while. It’s even worse when we get so absorbed in our own stuff that we forget to do even that for friends…. something I’m probably guilty of far more than I should. I know I can be exasperating that way at times… even if I don’t mean to.

  7. Van October 29, 2010 / 20:02

    Aww Kurt

    I’m sorry to hear things are getting you down 😦

    None of you are obligated to do this stuff – it’s meant to be fun. I’m still pondering closing the main site down and just leaving the blogs active as I don’t really get the time for maintenance or converting the main site to wordpress and it’s just another thing that causes grief if not kept up to date.

    Of course you are all welcome to do as you please with your blogs I stay well out of it and concentrate on the techi stuff. I’ll support whatever choice you make.

    How does your other site do in regards to readership etc, and if it does better than here why do you think that is?

    Why not just take a break for a while to gather your thoughts?

    BTW – It’s my birthday on the 5th November so what ever choice you make – make it a good one 😉

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