Leap Year

More proof if needed that this site has really gone downhill… next up for review: Leap Year, a – oh no, bleh – romantic comedy.

On the other hand, this may seem like a romantic comedy, but in order to make Ireland see as gorgeous and the sea seem so rough, a whole load of digital effects were needed, possibly even more than in that latest sci-fi flick you’ve just watched.

Leap Year is the story of a leap year and of an American classy lady (and a bit of a pain in the butt), played by Amy Adams. She’s been almost engaged for years, but her successful boyfriend is just way too successful to ask her to marry him. Which is what she wants. Desperately. So much even that she – who is quite traditional when it comes to marriage and wouldn’t even think of anything else but being proposed in a, preferably highly, romantic way – is quite keen to learn of an Irish myth. On 29 February, girls are allowed to ask their boys to marry them. And wouldn’t you know it? Her boyfriend is on a business trip in Ireland and it’s a leap year. Ain’t life dandy?

No, it isn’t. Because she ends up on the wrong side of Ireland because of bad weather (as if the film was meant to be released in 2010!) and there she is, stranded in a local pub full of local people with an ill-mannered barkeeper. Who promises to take her to her destination, but only because he needs the money.

Seems like romance coming up? You betcha, but of course she’s already virtually engaged and he’s an asshole. And she’s a bitch. You’ll never guess the ending.

The weird thing is that digital effects were needed to make the locations seem idyllic. In a way, this tells you something of our romantic dreams: there’s not a chance you’ll find them in real life. Now, there’s something to tell your girlfriend the next time she doesn’t want to watch a horror movie because of it all being unreal. So are your romcoms, dear. Now grow up and watch this zombie eat a civilian.

5/10 – because it ain’t half as bad if you think it would be

P.S. On behalf of myself, I’d like to send these apologies to Amy Adams. For years, I thought she and Amy Smart were the same person and I never felt like watching her movies for that reason. I now understand that the different surnames should have been a giveaway. Hence a slice of humble pie in the form of a Leap Year review on DV. Sorry Amy! (Adams, that is.)


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