Who Killed Captain Alex?

And now for a bit of good news: Uganda now has its first action movie. If you found “Belgium made its first giallo” sound ridiculous… you were right… but it’s still nowhere as ridiculous as Who Killed Captain Alex?, the first action movie made in Uganda.

According to Ugandan newspaper The Observer, Who Killed Captain Alex? is about the aftermath of a police raid in Kampala (Uganda’s capital), in which a police captain (Alex) and a drug racketeer’s brother are killed. Both sides were out for revenge and a bloody ‘war’ ensued.
Sounds like a lot of action? Wrong, this sounds like a lot of “ALALALALALACTION”. And sadly that’s a quote from the trailer and/or the film. Because the beginning of the film is pretty much like the trailer. And the most wonderful display of a non-sequitur story you’ve ever seen. But bear in mind the story is nowhere near as mind-blowing as the special effects.

Sounds like it’s time for the trailer? You bet!

Who Killed Captain Alex? was released by Ramon Film Productions. May they live long.

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