Episode 1: an idea is copied

Exterior sounds enter the apartment. Two men are in the room. One of them is typing onto a netbook.

JONES: What are you doing?

KURTODROME: I’m writing today’s article for the Avenue.

JONES: Wasn’t that due yesterday?

KURTODROME: I know. I tried, though. But for some reason I couldn’t access the WordPress site on my Linux computer.

JONES: You’ve switched to Linux?

KURTODROME: Only my desktop. You know it was ruined by that malicious virus [Jones nods] and even re-installing Windows didn’t seem to help. The computer didn’t recognize the printer, the internet and a couple of other things, so basically it had become just a box in the room. Anyway, I tried Linux for the hell of it, and suddenly the computer’s functioning. Apart from all that Linux stuff I haven’t worked out yet.

JONES: Give it some time. So what are you writing about?

KURTODROME: You know Hal Hartley?

JONES: The director? I do. He’s the one from Trust, Amateur, Simple Men and Flirt, right?

KURTODROME: And a couple of other movies, yes. That’s the one. He has this website on his films and the films he’s producing. And he now has this blog.

JONES: [is not impressed] A blog. Yes, that’s what the world needs. Another blog. Are you really going to mention every director’s blog on the Avenue? That’ll keep you busy with updates to 2078…

KURTODROME: No, but this one is different. Hal Hartley writes his blog in the form of a screenplay, mixing what’s truly happening in a fictional style. In one of his more recent posts, he and Franklin consider the pros and cons of making an erotic movie based on the life of the 17th century philosopher, Benedict de Spinoza.

JONES: Okay, that does sound novel. Who’s Franklin?

KURTODROME: Just read the blog and you’ll find out.

JONES: Have a link?

KURTODROME: You can find it on Hartley’s site Possible Films. It’s the category named blog.

JONES: That figured.

KURTODROME: By the way, never mind Franklin… who are you, Jones, and what are you doing in my apartment?


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