New Marina for the Diamonds

(oh… drafts don’t get published, do they? Well, excuse me for not noticing I’d put my next post down as a draft, rather than an actual article… it’s been, like, only my 350th post on the Avenue, you can’t expect us newbies to know that sort of stuff – anyway, as one of the pictures for my 25 August post has appeared to gone missing between the day I wrote it and now, I’ll go and look for another picture. This means this article will now be postponed for the second time and in the meantime, here’s a replacement post.)

Marina in a car

A couple of weeks ago Marina (of Marina and the Diamonds) posted a comment on her site that fans shouldn’t comment on or ask about the leaked demo tracks. Because they were only demo versions and, if anything, the comments would slow down any new releases. And because of that, it was rather unexpected that suddenly, out of the blue, there appeared two new tracks, a part one and two.

Marina’s love-and-hate relationship with Hollywood has been widely documented (not in the least in her single Hollywood – see also this post) and for her new single (EP?) the obsession seems to continue. Marina has put on a silver wig and is no longer Marina, but Electra Heart. The two-parter release exists of “Fear and Loathing” and ‘Radioactive” and the first song explains itself in the liner notes:

Electra Heart embodies the lies, illusions and death of an American Dream.

The second part, “Radioactive”, sounds and looks quite different from the first one: the text rages like the beats it’s been produced with (in stark contrast to the acoustic version that’ll be one of the extra tracks on the single – which will be released in the UK on 3 October).

As for the wig, this is explained on Marina’s site where you can find a picture with part of a poem

We must

We must bring
our own light
to the

and underneath just two simple words:

silver wig


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