Alex Cox “introduces” Jabberwocky (Moviedrome)

Every now and then I do a search on Moviedrome, to see if any new (read: unearthed) introductions have popped up and it looks like there’s a handful of new ones. High time then to update my Moviedrome page then.

One of the more peculiar introductions by Alex Cox was the one for Jabberwocky. It’s not as much a movie introduction as it’s… no, that would be telling.

Who said Moviedrome wasn’t cult?

2 thoughts on “Alex Cox “introduces” Jabberwocky (Moviedrome)

  1. deeopey September 18, 2011 / 18:33

    3 cheers for odd!

    Didn’t realise these were on YouTube, will have to see if I can find the Once Upon A Time In The West, it might’ve been Cousins though.

  2. kurtodrome September 20, 2011 / 22:31

    Actually, it might have been Cox introducing the film, but it’s not Moviedrome. Cox is a keen lover of (spaghetti) westerns – even going as far as publishing a book on the genre – so he introduced a love of genre movies for other shows. But “Once upon a time” isn’t in my archive, so I’m fairly sure it wasn’t part of the Moviedrome series: I’ve never seen it pop up during the research.

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