Scorcese on Méliès

Due to “other engagements” (i.e. I now have a second half-time job and am doing my best to get worked into the new job) the review which was planned for 25 November will now appear five days later. Not to worry, because when we watched an episode of The Daily Show recently, we noticed Martin Scorcese was the guest. Yes, he’s there to plug his new movie but the first minutes are about the wonderful and sadly still underrated Georges Méliès. Which is why we found it our duty to show you this interview as well. By the way, you can still guess the title of the upcoming review based on this clue: “Seriously, it’s not photoshopped.”

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Martin Scorsese
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And while we’re at it, we might as well show you a Méliès movie that didn’t just show his original talent but also made it across the pond:


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