Great Moments in Cinema: Cool as ice

It’s hard to define the best scene in Cool as Ice, the film that turned credible rapper Vanilla Ice into a credible actor. That this movie wasn’t worth a single Oscar or didn’t win the Palme d’Or can only be seen as a crime against humanity. In the film tough guy Vanilla Ice manages to win the heart of a posh rich girl and… erm, no, that’s about the entire plot.

In the scene you’re about to see the director manages to interweave in a most subtle manner Ice’s coolness on the bike with the sexiness of a girl riding a horse. The slow motion, combined with wonderful music (read: scratching – we know this coz we is hip), gives us the best proof of why cinema needed to be invented. It also taught me that the best way to win a girl’s heart is to give her a concussion. Actually, the only reason why this film isn’t shown more often in trash nights is because it’s downright unbearable to sit through the entire film without contemplating genocide.


One thought on “Great Moments in Cinema: Cool as ice

  1. kurtodrome December 15, 2011 / 18:59

    Once again, for some reason (computer system lack of compability?) I’m unable to access the blog right now. This means today’s update will be delayed until… well, things work. But fear not: the Avenue will update soon, with a review and a timetable of upcoming posts. Because, as you know (if you’re a regular reader), December is the most stable month of this site – bearing in mind the recent problems that’s a but rich, but I mean “even less stable”.

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