The return of the screwball

We break off our current silence by linking you to an article in The Independent – yeah, that’s what happened to this blog, it’s become a Twitter account with full sentences.

The screwball is making a comeback. A comedy genre which flourished in Hollywood in the 1930s and early 1940s, and which yielded such classic films as His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby and The Lady Eve as well as such latter-day manifestations as Some Like It Hot (1959), is being dusted down by a new generation of film-makers,

the article boasts and quickly two British movies are mentioned. Which, erm, leads me to wondering: do I know classic British screwballs?

Anyway, the article gives you a short synopsis of what the screwball genre is and a handful of examples, including the famous classic Bringing Up Baby and the often omitted Preston Sturges. Sadly, it then adds that the genre has almost been forgotten, with a couple of exceptions like What’s up, Doc? and Intolerable Cruelty. No mention of Crazy, Stupid, Love – which in the Avenue’s eyes – is in our eyes much more screwball than the Coen effort (which we’d rather stick to the “liquid comedy” of their older movie Crimewave).

Still, any friend of the screwball is a friend of the Avenue, so here’s the link:


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