Short: Love Sick

Not the promised update today, which is ready but will be posted on 5 September. I need more time than anticipated on my novella and I could use a couple of extra days. So instead, another entry in the season of short movies which started earlier in the year. Kevin Lacy wrote, edited and directed this short of nearly five minutes long. You can’t say it didn’t win an award: Fringe Film Festival 2011 (Grand Jury Prize), Fear No Film 2011(Utah Short Film of the Year), CityWeekly Artys 2011(Reader’s Choice Award), Salt Lake Comedy Festival 2012(Best Actor – Josh Cameron), Action on Film Festival 2011 and HollyShorts Film Festival 2011. Deserved? Check it out for yourself:

See you on 5 September, for a movie that got less attention. I could only find one trailer (without subtitles – how’s your Czech?) and one of the three copies of the trailer is age-restricted. (Must be because you see the naked back of an 18-year-old girl. Oooh… shocking!)

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