Best of 2017: Daughter

As per usual, there is a slight delay between the end of a year and the moment this site announces its best track. To be fair, late 2017 and early 2018 we tried to get a real list – you know, a genuine list of 99 tracks best remembered – but 2017 had become such an emotionally heavy year that it created such a backlog with many things left unresolved up to this day.

To be fair, with many of our favourites already on the list, it became clear that Burn it down by Daughter was becoming unchallenged. Stranded in the higher regions in previous years and the creators of an excellent Get Lucky that overclasses the original, it was only time for Daughter to claim the first spot. Oh, and lyrics like “We continue to be disappointed” always help to kick a horrible year into oblivion. So let’s forget about all the abysmal stuff and enjoy this track:

One thought on “Best of 2017: Daughter

  1. deeopey July 18, 2018 / 18:45

    I hadn’t heard of Daughter, excellent find! And now I see they’ve done loads of stuff and I really should’ve looked them up before now 🙂

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