Panique au village

Panique au village (translated as A Town Called Panic) has been turned into a movie. This Belgian animation film brings you 75 minutes of madness. Plasticine madness. Cowboy, Indian and Horse live together in a house. It’s Horse’s birthday but Cowboy and Indian have forgotten this. They lure Horse away and start working on a wonderful birthday present, a barbecue made of bricks. Sadly instead of 50 bricks they buy a lot more. These may come in handy when their house is destroyed, but every night someone comes to steal the newly-built house. Can Horse and his friends catch the thieves? Will the gorgeous piano teacher fall in love with Horse? See the movie if you want to find out.

Panique au village is lots of fun, but the tempo is so high it’s like watching an ADHD movie. So much happens at such a high speed it’s impossible to watch all of it and sometimes you desperately want to get a breath. Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to see such a lot of madness. They clearly didn’t care too much about a convincing plot, which is why (by the middle of the film) you don’t have trouble accepting the plot line of some wacky scientists who’ve invented a giant penguin with the sole use of throwing gigantic snowballs at animals in snowfree regions.

There is also a series of A Town Called Panic shorts, which you can find on YouTube. The movie is still playing in Belgium (in a French and a Dutch version – to please both sorts of Belgians) and has also been programmed at some international film festivals. Keep an eye open for it, if you don’t mind watching some wacky humour. Pingu on acid.

Here’s the international trailer:


P.S. Here’s a short clip from the film. As all of them are in French or Dutch, I chose one where the language doesn’t really matter. Here’s Steven’s breakfast. If you’d like to see more extracts, follow this link.

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